Our web design prices

If you want a rough idea of web design prices, here are the prices for our standard services. Before starting any work we normally provide a fixed quote, so you as the customer are clear on the cost of the job subject, of course, to any changes in the specification. Here is an indication of prices for various services, prices updated July 2020.

Web Design Prices Prices:
Responsive One-Page website design – from £650 (not vat)
Responsive Brochure website design 8 pages – from £900 (no vat)
Responsive Brochure website design 10 pages – from £1200 (no vat)
Ecommerce Woo Commerce website to sell online 15 pages including products – approx. £1500 (no vat) depending on spec.

Website Maintenance:
Site security maintenance – £25 pm (no vat)
Site security maintenance plus 2hr work on new site content – £100 pm (no vat)

Social Media Management Prices:
Social Media 3hr work – £120 pm (no vat)
Social Media 5hr work – £160 pm (no vat)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Prices:
SEO work 3hr work – £120 pm (no vat)
SEO work 5hr work – £160 pm (no vat)

Local SEO
Local SEO work 3hr work – £120 pm (no vat)
Google My Business set up – £80 (no vat)

Prices for other services: We can tailor a package to your needs whether social media or combined social media/ SEO/ maintenance. It is always more cost effective to have a package rather than requesting work on an adhoc basis which is charged at £50 phr.

website design services pricing

” The cost of web design prices varies considerably depending on the scope of the project required and who you choose to do the work, and as with most things, you get what you pay for.”


Domain registration – You need a domain name for your website. Domain names are leased, you can’t buy them, so there is an annual fee of approx. £10-20 a year, depending on the name you opt for.

Website hosting – Once your website is ready to go live, it needs to be hosted somewhere so that your website can be seen on the internet. We can sort out your hosting if you have none or the wrong sort of hosting for your new website. Costs are approx. £20 per month. 

Email hosting – A Gmail address doesn’t look very professional when you’re running a business. So you’ll probably want an email address something like info@yourdomainname.com. We can help sort this out for you, and is often included in hosting accounts.



SSL certificates – Security is very important when you have a website, and Google now penalises websites that don’t have an SSL security certificate. These are sometimes included in a hosting package, otherwise cost approx. £25pa.

Maintenance – It’s important for website software to be kept updates, with updates regularly released throughout the year for the WordPress framework and plugins used on a website. We keep these updated as and when required with our website maintenance service.

SEO – We build all our sites to be search engine optimised, which means that they’re ready to rank in search engines. However, SEO isn’t a ‘one trick pony’, so SEO has to be ongoing for a website to stay search engine optimised. See our SEO services and Local search services for ongoing SEO.

web design services costs and payment schedule

Our terms of payment

For Website Designs: We build websites in phases and payments are made in two stages to make the site more affordable and so that you see your finished website before making the final payment. A 30% deposit is due pre-work begins to reserve your date slot for work to start. The final payment 70% is due once the website is finished and ready to go live. 

For Monthly Services: Payment pre the start of work each month.

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