What is Website Hosting?

You can create a website on a computer but until the site is uploaded onto a hosting server, nobody else will be able to see it.

Web hosting is the space that you rent on a server to store all the files on your website. So that whenever someone looks for your website by typing in your website name, they will be sent directed to your website.

We recommend fast, reliable, Greener hosting for web sites. We can host your website for you at competitive rates and in a secure, reliable, fast web space. The servers we use have a very consistent up-time record, over 99% up-time to ensure your website is always online.

Choose Website Hosting carefully

We can host your website, or suggest a reliable, secure server to host your site. We can help set up an account in your own name. We use a server with over 99% uptime. Fast, Reliable, Green, Cost Effective Hosting.

Reliable After-Sales Service

We pride ourselves on the quality of after-sales service. We can be contacted by phone or email during normal working hours and we try to resolve any problems very quickly.

If you need any changes to your website, we will make small changes can be made within a day or so at no charge. Larger changes will take longer and are normally chargeable.

Your Business Email

You can have a number of company email addresses for your domain name, such as tony@yourbusiness.co.uk, enquiries@yourbusiness.co.uk etc.. 

We can also offer webmail services if required: webmail allows you to access your emails anywhere in the world from any computer that is connected to the internet.

Website Visitor Statistics

We will send your website visitor statistics weekly or monthly, as you prefer.


How is your website performing?

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